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What is SVINS?

SVINS – is the Largest NON-PROCEDURAL 3D Diverse Collection of 1000 unique Limited Edition NFTs collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain ✊🏿🏳️‍🌈ever created, minted and attributed one by one by a single person without the help of Ai.

Each SVIN is handcrafted 1/1 and comes with full commercial rights*

*(Music related and branded SVINS come with limited rights).




Blog and Announcements


SVINS Making Of #2

I had no idea how this Rare SVIN Whale gonna look like in the end. Everything you see here is improvisation. Creation took me: 55

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First Whale Airdrop

Road Map

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50 items sold
first giveaway
100 items sold
Second giveaway
200 items sold
Starting to work on the website
250 Items sold
Collaboration with a Well Known NFT artist.
300 items sold
Whale Holders AirDrop
500 items sold integration
600 items sold
Partnership with wearapesthetics
700 items sold
Sandbox Game integration and AirDrop for Holders
1000 items sold
Our Own Merchandising line.

Last Sold SVINS

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